Monday, March 16, 2009

Anne OD

I feel so sad right now. It could possibly be a result of watching all three Anne of Green Gables movies this weekend. There's just too much emotion going on because of those movies with all the love: unrequited love, and then a realization of love, before waiting for love and then finally a marriage filled with love, only to have a lost love and alas! in the last five minutes a reunited love at last. It's just plain exhausting. Anne with an e makes me tired because she is so emotional and Gilbert is so perfect it makes me sick. (Actually the thing that really makes me sick is that he's 43 and I find him attractive.) It's just been a weekend of waiting for them to finally be together and now that they are I feel sad because they're not real people and I've spent a weekend of emotions watching them and crying over them. I am pathetic.

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Jessamyn and Jordan said...

you are ridiculous! but so cute. :)